Ruggie Alarm Clock: Carpet alarm clock for snoozers

Ruggie Alarm Clock – Carpet alarm clock for snoozers: When we sleep at night, we all promise ourselves to wake up early in the morning. We set up the alarm but when the alarm rings, we either turn it off or hit the “snooze alarm” button. This is the habit of most of us. We want to rise early in the morning but the sleep makes it very hard for us. But now, there is a solution to this problem. There is a device or I should say a mat which will force you to wake up. This device or electronic mat is called “Ruggie alarm clock”. This is a carpet alarm clock for snoozers which will force them to get up from the bed.  Let’s see the working of Ruggie alarm clock and Ruggie alarm clock price.


Ruggie Alarm clock – Carpet alarm clock for snoozers: How it works?

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Ruggie alarm clock is not an ordinary alarm clock. It is an alarm clock disguised as a rug. In other words, it looks like a rug to the naked eyes but it is an alarm clock. This amazing carpet alarm clock for snoozers working is also very different from the typical alarm clocks.

You set this alarm clock and when this alarm goes off in the morning, you need to get off your bed and stand on this alarm clock disguised as a mat for 3 seconds. This has no option for a snooze. You must have to rest both of your feet on its memory foam padding for a full three seconds to turn it off. If you think 3 seconds is not enough for you, then you can extend it up to 30 seconds. That is why it is the best carpet alarm clock for snoozers.

Also, when you will get off your bed, this clock will play customizable speeches or funny sayings to make you feel energetic. It will work as an encouragement to not get back to your bed.


Ruggie alarm clock price:

Looking at the Ruggie alarm clock price, it looks little expensive. The cost of this clock on Amazon is $69. So it is not for everyone. If you are the person who has a habit of snoozing the alarm then this alarm clock is for you. Here is a video which will show you how to set up this innovative alarm clock.


This was all about this innovative Ruggie alarm clock, the best carpet alarm clock for snoozers. Easy to set up and simple to use. If you like it, don’t forget to share the post. I will continue to bring more posts about interesting gadgets like this. Here are some more posts which you may like to read.



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