Different Types of Printer Inks in Detail

One thing that you will find in all offices, schools, corporate bodies and even in a majority of houses is the printer. Printers have been so much embedded in our lives that it is difficult to imagine an easy life without them. It is a popularly held misconception that printers are costly to maintain, which is why people should refrain from using them.

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Different types of printer inks

It might come as a surprise to you, but not all types of printers use the same type of inks. There are broadly two types of printers i.e., laser printers and inkjet printers and they both take the use of different types of inks. these differences come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. let’s discuss them in greater detail.

Laser printers- most commonly found in the offices, these printers use toners. They are preferred in offices because they are very speedy in their prints. Another advantage of using such printers is that they are very cost-effective. With one cartridge, you can easily print 300 to 400 pages. This is why these printers are preferred while printing a large number of black and white prints.

The laser printers use the fine powder substance called toner. They do not use a spot of liquid ink. the mechanism of printing is also different. By the electrostatic charge, the powdered ink gets attracted to the paper. Then, this powder is heated to deliver the print. They deliver very crisp and clear results because they do not wet the paper.


Different types of printers are different in their utility. Although the broad purpose of a printer is the same, the choice of printers will depend on the priority of the user.

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