Encanto thought after watching the film

“Encanto” is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and the 60th feature film of Disney animation studio. It is directed and written by Gerald bush, and voiced by Stephanie Beatrice, spicy Yoko, mar í a Cecilia Botero, etc. The film is scheduled to be released in North America on November 24, 2021. This film tells the story that in a big family where everyone has magic talent, the only ordinary girl Mirabelle has become the last hope to save the magic crisis. If you want to download Encanto free. You can click “where to watch free movies” to download.

Introduction to Encanto’s Plot

In the hidden mountains of South America, the Maliga family lives in a magical place called “miracle Valley”, and every member of this family is also endowed with magical talents: some are infinitely powerful; Some are all ears; Some can even talk to small animals… Except Mirabel, she is the only ordinary person in the magic family, so Mirabel feels inferior. However, when she found that the magic around miracle valley was in danger, the only girl without magic talent was determined to save the magic crisis, and she would also become the hope of this special family.

Encanto Review

The protagonist is no longer gifted but ordinary – until the last minute of the film, Mirabel still didn’t get any magic – which itself is quite modern. In the setting of family relations, grandma maregg, who is in the position of patriarch, is afraid that the miracle she has been guarding will gradually disappear. This anxiety also affects the members of the family, such as Louisa, who is powerful, and Isabella, who is elegant and perfect. See here, do you have a sense of familiarity? The designs of Louisa and Isabella are reminiscent of modern education, which has attracted much attention in recent years.

Those children who bear the expectations of their families are strong and optimistic, and honor themselves and the people around them by constantly honing their will. But in fact, they often feel stressed and tired, and they don’t live happily. Grandma maregg is an anxious parent, and Louisa and Isabella are perfect children to meet parents’ expectations. And Mirabel is the problem girl who is congenitally deficient, often makes trouble the day after tomorrow, and people around her avoid it.

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