Can Secure Apps Like Signal And Whatsapp Get Hacked?

The utilization of mobile instant messaging applications is continuously increasing. With the growing population worldwide, so does the users who are taking advantage of this great invention. Nonetheless, are the operation of these IMs safe from sending and receiving confidential information? 

The importance of securing communication in applications has been around since the beginning of time. Still, it has only been in the last ten years that people have seen an explosion of third-party security tools for web and mobile apps. These tools were once an experimental one or only for IT professionals with large pockets. The good news is that this paraphernalia is now a standard feature for all instant messaging applications.

Many apps don’t properly maintain their messaging to protect the privacy and safety of their users. This occurrence can lead to information being stolen in many various ways. Thus, it is essential to examine the main issues surrounding secure messaging in apps to prevent private information from leaking.

Secured applications do not require special procedures during installation. These applications will automatically create security profiles used throughout the period they desired. 

Another thing in these security profiles can be defined for each department in an organization as well. Meaning; this feature allows employees to quickly identify who is authorized and their roles within an organization. It eliminates the need to create security profiles for each employee and machine.

There are also scheduling reports. Secured Applications can be configured to send out security event notifications every day, week, or month. A daily report is sent to the entire corporation or selected administrators. 

Despite the protection of these IMs like Signal and WhatsApp that both offer Signal recording and WhatsApp recording for the protection of the users, there is one thing that clients never stop to think about.

Can secured apps still get hacked?

Read and find out on the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage:


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